FIFO workers for Adani’s Carmichael mine will come from both Townsville and Rockhampton, the company says.

Adani has detailed its plans for over 1,000 FIFO construction workers, after over 12 months of deliberation and promises to regional centres.

Adani Australia's CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj said the decision to obtain the workforce from the two cities was difficult.

“The twin cities if you like of Rockhampton and Townsville will be the fly-in, fly-out hubs,” Adani spokesperson Ron Watson said.

“What it means for both of these cities in one word is jobs and it's been the realisation of a long-time plan by Adani to focus its efforts on creating jobs and delivering a world-class project.

“Obviously the mayors, particularly Jenny Hill from Townsville, have been very strong in their support [and] Margaret Strelow from Rockhampton has been equally vocal.

“In the end the package that we've come up with will benefit each city equally.

“There's roughly 2,000 jobs required to operate the mine and the deal or arrangement is that it's an even split.”

The deals will see both Townsville and Rockhampton Councils spend nearly $20 million of ratepayers money building an airstrip in the Galilee Basin for Adani workers.

The councils will have joint ownership of the airstrip after completion.

“Councillors yesterday approved the investment of up to $15.5 million over two financial years in a joint venture with Rockhampton City Council, to build and own the airport down in the Galilee Basin,” Cr Hill said.

“Now this airport will not only be for this project but for all the projects that are destined to open up in the Galilee.”

Cr Hill said she had assurances that the company will hire the number of people that is says it will, but she would not say what penalties it would face for failing.

“Financial instruments will be in place to ensure that there is a rebate, so if the jobs aren't delivered then Adani will have to pay us a fine,” the Townsville mayor said.

“It will ensure that if you're not living in the city, the odds are you won't get a job.

“What we want is for people to establish their homes and set down their roots in our community.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk welcomed the split between Townsville and Rockhampton.

“The hubs there for Townsville and Rockhampton are great news for those regional communities that have been struggling,” she said.

“The unemployment rate is coming down there but it's great news to see that both of those centres will benefit from the mining jobs that will come.”