Approval has been granted for a giant water licence in the Northern Territory.

Japan has announced plans to release over a million tonnes of radioactive water into the ocean.

Regis Resources wants to purchase a 30 per cent stake in the Tropicana gold mine in Western Australia.

Reports have revealed how much one of Australia’s richest people made from the Jobkeeper scheme.

The Federal Government is bringing in big business lobbyists and gas industry figures to overhaul its Climate Change Authority (CCA).

Flood-affected communities in NSW are being offered assistance.

A luxury pearl company is fighting for water quality in Darwin Harbour.

An independent report has raised concerns about the risk of drilling new gas wells near contaminated land.

About 150,000 Australians are currently in debt to their gas and electricity provider.

A new report shows many people want an end to new petrol car sales.

Experts say two weeks of winter are holding Australia back from a 100 per cent renewably-powered electricity grid.

Reports say the Federal Government has pressured experts who question its gas-fired recovery plan.

An economist has described plans for new coal mines in NSW’s Hunter Valley as “absurd”.

The Prime Minister has announced plans for a $1 billion guided missile facility.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is being sued over a workplace death in the Northern Territory.

The Commonwealth may set up a new compensation fund for asbestos victims in the ACT.

A big bonus for gold miners in WA could be a sign of skills shortage.

Australia’s Defence department is exploring the use of ethical AI systems.

Regulators are working on new frameworks to ease the transition to a renewable energy system in Australia.

Political donations appear to have influenced the outcome of a development application in WA.

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