The Albanese government is considering imposing carbon emissions rules on new car sales to boost electric vehicle take-up.

New analysis suggests building and running Victoria's Suburban Rail Loop will cost about $200 billion.

The WA government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to promote its innovation capability.

Emissions reductions by fossil fuels giant will still overshoot the 1.5°C warming limit in the Paris Agreement, experts say.

BHP has revealed a record $34 billion profit in FY22.

Details of former NSW building commissioner David Chandler's resignation have been sent to ICAC.

A legal expert says the Federal Government should look to WA when creating its national anti-corruption body.

Reports say former prime minister Scott Morrison secretly swore himself into additional federal government portfolios when in office.

Australia’s federal, state and territory energy ministers have voted to focus on emissions reduction as an energy goal.

Engineers have discovered a way to replace all of the conventional aggregates in concrete with rubber from discarded tyres.

ARENA is funding a pilot project to generate steam from stored thermal energy.

Traces of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill were still detectable in 2020.

The federal government is paying to connect a massive new Queensland wind farm to the national grid.

The SA Labor Party has been pushed to return a $125,000 election donation from the Victorian branch of the CFMEU.

A Federal Court injunction holding up a $1.25 billion highway in Western Australia has been extended.

Advocates are calling for more farm safety funding in Queensland.

Federal, state and territory ministers have agreed to Australia’s first national biosecurity plan.

The Federal Government has announced the first offshore wind area to be formally assessed under its new framework.

New analysis says Australians could have saved close to $6 billion if fuel efficiency standards were introduced in 2015.

Researchers have published the first detailed study of metal production on another planet.

Recent reports show oil giants have achieved sky-high profits.

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