Tasmania should soon have real-time, mandatory fuel-price reporting.

The State Government says fuel prices have remained too high during the coronavirus pandemic, and its new mandatory reporting regime will be introduced to put downward pressure on prices.

Premier Peter Gutwein says there has been a fall in fuel prices around the country because of the effect of the coronavirus on world oil markets, but it has not been seen to the same degree in Tasmania.

He said that if prices “continue to be out of step this Government will continue taking further action and will consider price capping”.

“Global oil prices have come down significantly, and that was reflected on the mainland,” Attorney-General Elise Archer said.

“The same quick reaction wasn't seen in Tasmania.”

Ms Archer said the regime will require all retailers to update fuel prices as they occur.

“Fuel prices can be expensive because of distance, because of Bass Strait, but it doesn't justify prices that we're still seeing,” she said.

“By making [price reporting] mandatory, [this] will create necessary competition, [and] we'll be watching.

“All of those things should drive downward pressure on fuel prices.”

A website and free app are being developed to help motorists search for the cheapest fuel.

There will also be penalties for retailers who fail to provide accurate information.

The scheme should be in place by July.