An unprecedented probe into the Queensland Government has been launched, and there is very little that it will not investigate about the current LNP regime.

One MP is pushing his state government to buy dozens of homes insulated with loose-fill asbestos fibres, as the toxic legacy of Mr Fluffy keeps coming back.

BHP has thrown its support behind floating LNG processing plants, ending years of speculation and indicating that onshore jobs will be fewer in the future.

A big name in the local aluminium game has taken on a role as the head of the Australian Aluminium Council.

Workers at ports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane could walk off the job this week, at the same time as reports say their union is willing to sell them out.

Environmental activists have launched an assault on NSW railways.

Transport and safety regulations are holding back what could be a central Australian industry, one peak body says.

A push to ramp-up Australia’s uranium industry continues, with exploration permits handed out for new grounds in the Northern Territory.

The life of the Mt Arthur coal mine has been extended to 2026 with permission for more explosives too.

A New South Wales man has been charged for illegally dumping eight truckloads of toxic building materials.

A big campaign has been launched this week to push for an Australian domestic gas reservation policy.

Activists claim to have shut down production at a number of mines in New South Wales, after community groups made a concerted effort to impede Whitehaven Coal.

Big concerns for the future of many Australian jobs, with tough times forecast in major industries.

New investigations have shown just how much money Australia’s biggest companies are avoiding paying in tax.

Contracts are being signed but still no business case for an $8 billion infrastructure project in Victoria.

Researchers have investigated the impacts of certain gas ‘fracking’ techniques, and found that they can be more environmentally-friendly than wind or solar plants.

Farmers, industry groups and the Federal Government are all calling for reform of coastal shipping regulations, but the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) says it won’t happen without a fight.

A Hong Kong-based logistics giant is making moves toward Australia.

More than forty companies that support the building, mining and energy industries say Federal Government moves could put thousands of jobs at risk.

There have been several recent incidents where heavy vehicles and trailers fatally crushed workers, and the dark trend has prompted new warnings.

Insiders say a growing stoush in a WA gas field could be the next flashpoint for tensions between miners and indigenous groups.

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