Victoria is continuing its move away from household gas. 

The Victorian Government has announced a strategic review of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program with a budget allocation of nearly $6 million, aimed at enhancing the state's focus on electrification and reducing dependence on gas. 

The initiative is part of a broader $1.8 billion energy investment outlined in the 2024/25 state budget, primarily designed to address cost-of-living concerns.

The VEU program, initially launched in 2009, provides households across Victoria with rebates for installing energy-efficient electric appliances. 

The enhancements expected next year include support for electric induction cooktops, among other technologies.

The review is tasked with setting the program on a path towards electrification, in response to feedback from advocacy groups such as the Energy Savings Industry Association (ESIA). The government's financial commitment includes increasing funds for the Solar Homes hot water rebates to a total of $37.7 million and an additional $3.4 million to the Energy Assistance Program. 

An $8.7 million investment is also planned to improve the Energy Compare website, which assists Victorians in finding cost-effective power solutions.