First listed on: 16 May 2024

EL 2, EL2.1, EL2.2 - Nuclear Engineers (Nuclear-Powered Submarine) 

$134,567 - $216,247 (EL 2) + Super
Fishermans Bend - VIC

The Role
We currently have vacancies for senior Nuclear Engineers to join the Technology Division. These roles will provide the technical authorities for the design, development, maintenance and operation of the nuclear-powered submarine fleet.  

If you are a talented Engineering, Science or Technology professional who has a passion for applying and developing their skills and knowledge, and wants to work within an integrated, collaborative and inclusive team, we want to hear from you.

Australia is leveraging the technology, capability and design expertise from the UK and US and these roles will be involved in developing and defining the ASA’s Design Control capability for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plants to cover the full life-cycle of design, construction, operation, maintenance, installations and infrastructure, and decommissioning within the Australian context. This will require supporting the definition and development of technical advice, approval and control for the future nuclear-powered capability.

The duties of a senior Nuclear Engineer in ASA will include;

  • Generation, review and Approval of key nuclear safety and technical documentation, within a clearly defined delegation structure.
  • Steer and collaborate on the delivery of very complex technical functions and innovative activities within a specialist field. 
  • Translate and shape technical analysis into operational documentation and develop, integrate and evaluate ASA technical outcomes within a specialist field. 
  • Draw upon deep specialist knowledge and expertise of the relevant technical function and the business and operational context to identify issues and uncertainties and make appropriate technical decisions. 
  • Evaluate technical packages, reports, processes and product and equipment performance to meet specified requirements and implement corrective actions and continuous improvement. 
  • Evaluate technical activities to understand critical factors for success and engage in continuous improvement and innovation. 
  • Implement deep specialist technical knowledge and processes to improve technical standards, codes of practice, techniques, methods and regulations. 

Your role may range from being very specialist in nature to quite broad, depending on your area of work and expertise. You may also have the opportunity to work across streams.

To excel in these roles, you may be required to:

  • Research and synthesise complex information
  • Develop, analyse, test and interpret technical requirements
  • Engage with Defence, AUKUS and industry partners to understand and develop requirements, safety analysis and reactor plant design basis
  • Provide technical advice, knowledge and recommendations
  • Undertake assurance activities
  • Prepare briefs, minutes, proposals and presentations
  • Lead, share and effectively engage with highly skilled teams across the enterprise

This is an exciting, unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead a program of national and international significance. The ASA is an integrated civilian and military workforce that draws on high-quality and high-performing team members from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who embody Defence and Australian Public Service values and work every day with a nuclear mindset.

About our Team
The Technology Division is responsible for providing design control, independent technical advice, assurance and authority that will support the development and future operation of the nuclear-powered submarine fleet.

We operate in a flat structure, with a strong focus on our people, technical development and integrity. We are underpinned by an inclusive culture that respects, values and utilises the contributions of people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are collegiate and collaborative, requiring a high level of integration and consistency to achieve our outcomes for ASA.

As a member of the Technical Authority, you will continue to grow your subject matter expertise, be accountable for exercising any assigned Technical Authority delegations and providing objective quality engineering and science evidence.

By joining our Division, you will be provided with unique opportunities to develop your skills and experience. You will encounter others with experience from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Engineering – Nuclear, Electrical, Mechanical 
  • Science and Technology – Nuclear-related disciplines

Your work may include:

  • Working closely with senior Defence and government officials. This is a true whole of government effort that can open up a variety of different career opportunities.
  • Working directly with our US and UK counterparts to develop our knowledge, governance structures and industrial capabilities. With an increased forward presence of Royal Navy and US Navy Nuclear-Powered Submarines to Australia, this may mean working closely on site, and/or travel or relocation overseas.

This is an exciting and once in a generation opportunity to apply your Engineering, Science and Technology skills, to inform and develop a project of major national and international significance and have a direct impact in ensuring our nation’s ongoing security.

Our Ideal Candidate
A Senior Nuclear Engineer will have extensive knowledge  relating to the methodology, systems and procedures within the technical professional sub-function and have the ability to translate this into strategy. They will provide a strategic level of specialist, professional and technical expertise, potentially relating to the work of different function areas. They will initiate, establish and maintain strong interpersonal relationships with a network of stakeholders internally and externally, they will have the ability to recognise shared agendas and work toward mutually beneficial outcomes.

We are seeking talented people who can work collaboratively and have a passion for applying their technical skills and knowledge to assist and support with the development and implementation of scientific and engineering requirements.

Our ideal candidates will bring the following attributes and skills to the role;

  • Technical Experience: Previous qualification in either the US or UK Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program as Engineer Officer of the Watch, US or UK Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program signature authority and appropriate management experience.
  • Technical mastery: Highly developed, or the willingness to develop, strong technical competence. This encompasses both your common and specialist skills and any additional technical competence.
  • Communication: Strong written, intercultural and oral communication and negotiation skills. You will be required to communicate commercial and technical requirements to different stakeholders to inform decision-making, build common understanding, share knowledge and maintain relationships.
  • Decision-making: Sound judgment and logic, able to apply co-design practices, identify and mitigate risk, and be an analytical, strategic and considered systems thinker.
  • Technical advice: The provision of subject matter expertise, reporting, analysis and guidance on technical fields, ensuring technical compliance and strong integrity.
  • Technical excellence: In your professional area of expertise, you are adaptable, resilient, inclusive and flexible.Due to the sensitive work undertaken by the ASA, you may be required to undertake further eligibility and suitability screening.

Application Closing Date: Thursday 13 June, 2024

For further information please review the job information pack, reference ASA/03819/24 on

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